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Brave New Man :iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 4 2
in the afternoon
The young woman's
short colorful cotton skirt
flutters back and forth in the
gusting wind
I stare mesmerized
by legs , color and movement
like a bull in the ring
I charge
to my doom
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
I look at that large filled bookcase
and think
I will never read all those before I die
I look at that large stocked fridge
and think
two days from now I'll be starving
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
Help two
Help me if you can I'm falling down
and I may bang my crown
Help me as I've gotten old
and I easily feel the cold
Help me!!!!ooooooh
Help me as I now have no teeth and cannot chew
I'm also very gassy plug your nose phew
Help push my wheelchair so I can go somewhere
then get scissors and cut my nose hair
Help me Help me
when I was young I thought I ruled the world
if I saw my seventies I would have hurled
I have no  hair upon my head
they want me in a old folks home with the living dead
read for me I can no longer see
but I always have to pee
my balls hang down to my feet
but the gals my age sleep with me for the heat
at least I get a discount at the store
even though I don't remember what I went there for
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
Style Smile
Can you imagine a sketch of you in the John Lennon style
or a love song written about you by McCartney
a drivers licence painting of you by Warhol
I've had more styles than Bowie
but I've never had a statue of you by Rodin
I saw you in the back round of Breaking Bad
or was it as a zombie on Walking Dead
people want a style all their own
you want the style of all the greats
your home looks like something from Harry Potter
and your car like something from the Flintstones
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
let's SWEAT
turn off that internet
I know some ladies think it makes for a yucky host
but I love it the most
let's get wet with sweat
love  it you bet
feeling wet
move in the mosh pit
the gym a hit
feel the moisture on your skin
it is the way to win
sweat dripping flying off  your hair
stop sitting ,off the chair
move to the grove shake your stuff
drink water so you are hydrated enough
feel the droplets on your skin
quit reading lets begin
no sitting around for hire, get up and perspire!
I love soft skin
most with a glisten
so sweat feel alive
this isn't no jive
lift weights, do a dance
come on move those pants
sweat cools you when its hot
try once now your caught
cant think to finish sweat on my brow
wait just a dream from a nap -couch wet-wow!
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
no mowhawk
to clean for grunge
to dirty for church
date a nerdy girl with glasses,
a church blouse and a cool leather jacket
too country for punk
to fat to be starving
bus driver shirt, fedora, jean overalls
and Nikes
we didn't fit in
with the outcasts
we were miscast for
every role
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
Mature content
media median :iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
Toss a coin
Roll a dice
Choose choose choose
Freedom of choice
but you have to choose
buy this sell that
stay in go out
keep your look
try a new style
pick pick pick
think you can control the future?
I pick no
flip the dial till you smile
your life is a million choices
or just one sting of fate
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
Go to a park in your own city
look around ain't it pretty
binge watching a show three days in the house
that's the way to avoid a louse
yes this poem gives a cheer
for the Staycation hope it's clear
two weeks, do no work
and no travel what a perk
no Europe , no usa
all my stuff on this getaway
a vacation but no trip
give it a try don't be a drip
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
fresh snow for miles and miles and kilometers
Can only the dead
know the
and fulfillment
of a blank To-Do list
wondered the
meditating master
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
King of the Castle
Baby dragon buzzes my head as I watch the morning paper
Kids are using their wands to fight
Coffee maker insists I want tea for a change
Cloud that waters the plants is set on thunderstorm
the moat reeks
the jesters used the punchline, Donald Trump for two weeks straight
my crown ripped off an eyebrow
the broom keeps sweeping up the cat
my breakfast smoothie was full of roughage
and the goose is laying lead eggs
magic mirror just shows baby shots of me in diapers
another magical day around the house
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
each day is a giant
To make coffee the tap would not work
Stubbed toe getting bottled to have it perk
run and fell getting the bus to commute
sat by a leering stinking  bruit
most staff had called in ill
orders all to me to fill
ordered lunch no pickles, yet extra I did get
spilled my pop, blouse got stained wet
new tasks to do after lunch
instructions, work on hunch
Off to home and into skirt so strip
britttttt oh it did rip
Off to hot date...did not show
expensive, bad to that restaurant never go
home to surf ,media says prices up
bedtime milk broke a cup
shower, nope still no water off to bed
cat puked where resting the head
worn and tired the day did not beat you!
but tomorrow another will great you!
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 1 0
Rise UP
the poems what suck were writ sitting down
I need a standing desk
You need a standing desk
making one or two for everyone
that will grow the economy
leading to productivity
Demand your standing desk
Lets work like Tom in minority report
Lets get rid of our gut
stand up to destroy the rut
I never want to leave this job
cause I have a standing desk
little motors and
made of wood
demand to stand you know you
It is my heath care plan
It makes me dress up for my work
don't brake it or take it-then you a jerk
make sitting desks go where they keep the
rotary phone
I'll stand up and stand alone
but you want to try it too
Shopping for standing desks
more exciting than porn
I bet Doctor Doom
and Reed Richards have them
Stark and Banner never sit
ask your boss for one with no quit
do they come in pink?
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 0
Zen Vacation
Hogwarts, Oz and the Past
all three are fictions
which I  visit
only in my mind
:iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 0 1
Mature content
going going gone :iconbadbadman013:badbadman013 1 0


Wonderful blouse by rasmus-art
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a dream is just a wish that the heart makes by scriptsensei
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Mila 27 by Geassghoul
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